President Sisi directs adopting comprehensive approach to develop Egyptian rural villages

Egypt Today - 

President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi was updated on the national project of developing the Egyptian rural villages on Saturday evening, according to a statement from the Egyptian presidency. “The President directed adopting a comprehensive approach and instructed that the different sectors involved in this project should coordinate to reach the best development models that pay special attention to community awareness programs,” the statement read.  

"The project targets 1000 small villages nationwide in light of the Decent Life program," the statement added, saying: “The aim is to improve the citizens' standard of living, alleviate poverty, develop the infrastructure and basic services, such as education, housing, electricity, sanitation, drinking water, and health units. This is in addition to creating sustainable jobs.”  

The president's comments came during a meeting with the prime minister and the ministers of planning and economic development, finance, local development and social solidarity, as well as the president's adviser for financial affairs and the director of the Decent Life unit at the Ministry of Local Development. “The President was also briefed on projects implemented in villages in cooperation with civil society organizations to expand social safety nets and reduce poverty by assisting the neediest segments,” the statement said.  

The meeting tackled another national program to support junior fishermen; President Sisi directed the government to provide them with “the necessary gear to protect them; the cost is to be covered by Tahya Misr Fund.”