Sisi "Will not reconcile with those who want to destroy Egypt"

EgyptDailyNews - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed today that all countries of the world are facing challenges and that together the people's solidarity with the leadership will help overcome them, saying: "Egypt cannot be defeated by a war from outside."

Al-Sisi said, during the educational symposium of the 32 armed forces broadcast on Egyptian television today, that he “does not reconcile with those who want to destroy Egypt, and with those who harm the people of Egypt,” stressing that Egypt's historical experience with wars and crises requires awareness of "the need to preserve the state".

He added that the challenge is the solidity and stability of the state with the awareness of its people, stressing that the essence of the country's progress is stability.

President Al-Sisi indicated that the state is building, reconstructing and reforming for the sake of its citizens, explaining that work and advancement of the state requires everyone to join together to cross and achieve development. He pointed out that the fourth and fifth generation wars are continuing against Egypt to provoke public opinion and question its leadership and the armed forces, stressing the need for awareness of all conspiracies aimed at undermining the stability of the state.
President Al-Sisi appealed to officials and citizens to maintain the stability of the state for its advancement.