Trump fires Tillerson - US President: Secretary of State and I 'disagreed on things' like the Iran deal


Sen. Bob Menendez, ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN that the firing of Rex Tillerson and the chaos in the Trump Administration raises major concerns about the ability of the US to conduct foreign policy and concerns foreign governments. He would not commit to backing CIA Director Mike Pompeo for the Secretary of State role, and said he needs to be vetted.

How Rex Tillerson found out he was fired
A senior White House official has told CNN that President Trump asked Chief of Staff John Kelley to call Rex Tillerson on Friday night. The official said Kelly told Tillerson that he will be replaced but did not specify the timing. It was Trump’s decision to pull the trigger Tuesday morning, which underscored their fraught relations.

"This is how the President wanted to do it," the official said — a reflection of how the man who became famous saying "you’re fired" actually rarely does it in person.
Steve Goldstein, State Department undersecretary of public affairs, confirmed that Tillerson got a call on Friday night from Kelly with a heads up, but Goldstein did not elaborate. Goldstein insists that Tillerson was notified of the official termination in the tweet this morning.

Trump: "I think Rex will be much happier now"
President Trump, despite firing Tillerson, said he "actually got along well with" his former secretary of state, but felt that they had "a different mindset" and "a different thinking.”

Trump added that he felt Tillerson would be happier out of Washington.
And frankly, I get along well with Rex, too. And I wish Rex a lot of good things. I think he is going to be very happy. I think Rex will be much happier now. But I really appreciate his service,” Trump said.