Wishing everyone a Very Happy Eid

We at Egyptdailynews.com wish the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah El Sisi and his family, the people of Egypt and the Muslim world, a very Happy and prosperous Eid. This is a challenging time for Egypt and the world amidst the Covid-19, regional and proxy wars, threats by regional powers and midget countries, economic and resources challenges and a popullation boom.

However,throughout 7000 years, Egypt has always prevailed. Egyptians will always have their confidence that from time to time, we will do and achieve what no one in the world can. We are Egyptians a civilised and powerful people. 

"Om El Donia", (Mother of the World), true, From ancient times when the world and particularly Rome relied on Egypt for grain to feed its people and when countless people took refuge in Egypt, including Mary, Joseph and Jesus our Prophet, to today where Egypt hosts 5 million refugees. Egypt has never stopped giving.

Happy Eid to everyone.